Alpenzu jams

The typical products of the Aosta Valley reflect the highbiodiversity of the uncontaminated Alpine region from which are the rawmaterials, skillfully used by the traditional gastronomy to create localdishes.

Alpenzu was born in order to promote and disseminatethe gastronomic specialties of the ancient recipes of the Aosta Valley, to givethe opportunity to the many tourists who come to visit our beautiful mountainsto bring home local food specialties.

A workshop (a large family kitchen) where we use oldrecipes, jealously guarded, and where we perform all operations manually inorder to get a genuine product with full flavor and fresh with no preservativesand dyes.

Our daily work is to treat every job in every detail, inorder to get a handmade product to meet the needs of most demandingcustomers according to the most modern self-control standards.